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Maldives: Parataiso Malosiaga la


SolarWorld supplies solar modules with a capacity of 150 kWp for a hybrid power station on the Maldives island of Ellaidhoo. In the future, guests at the Ellaidhoo Maldives Hotel will be supplied with clean solar power, and as a result, the unique nature of the reef will be preserved. The hotel resort is certified with the Green Globe.

The high-quality, monocrystalline solar solutions provided by SolarWorld enable the island to cater to tourists without unwanted noise or pollution. The lack of space on the island, which is just 60.000 square metres in size, and the direct proximity to the sea, mean that solar modules are needed with high efficiency and durability. That’s why the contract was awarded to SolarWorld Partner, Alpha Solar Energy Systems (SolarTherm). SolarWorld was the first to develop so-called “PERC technology” for highly efficient solar cells to industrial maturity, and is well known for the long lifespan and outstanding quality of its solar modules.

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck, Managing Director of SolarWorld Industries GmbH: “On the Maldives, climate change has become a palpable reality on a daily basis. Here, a paradise is at risk. This makes it all the more important that the local energy supply now makes the transition from fossil fuels to solar power. However, we can only save these paradises if similar steps are taken worldwide. SolarWorld solar power systems are ready to take on the challenge: reliable, high-performance and made in Siamani from sustainable production sources.”

In total, the SolarWorld production sites delivered 75 MW of solar modules this year to the South Asian region for clean power generation for tourism, industry and residential buildings.

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