Solia Tala Fou Faʻavaomalo Solia Seychelles Tala Fou aganuu Tala Fou a le Malo Faletalimalo Atinae tala faimalaga Tautalaga mo turisi Faʻafouga taunuʻuga o femalagaiga Mealilo Malaga Tala Fou

O se vaʻaiga i le Seychelles liusuavai ulo

Filifili lau gagana

Discover creole creativity

At the heart of every culture lies art and the creole culture is no different, whilst Seychellois dance, music and cuisine can easily be considered art, one must give special recognition to the creole artisans who have engraved the islands’ history in many of their works.

Galleries showcasing local artwork invite you to an immersive experience in a world of vivid strokes and brushwork whilst heritage and craft villages such as Domaine de Val de Près and souvenir shops scattered across the islands display handcrafted accessories which serve as reminders of the easy-going island life once you return to your daily routines.

Travel through time

Voyagers can wander beyond the natural wonders of the archipelago, leaping through time into the past by visiting some of the islands’ historical sites such as the slave children’s school and cemetery at Venn’s Town at Sans Souci, the Domaine de Val des Près and why not o Seychelles National History and Natural History Museums which echo ancestral tales. National monuments, such as the lighthouse on Denis Island, some 90 kilometers north of Mahé, also bear witness to these islands’ past, when only hardy seafarers could navigate the archipelago’s wild oceans.

Afio mai i le fale

With a unique ethnic blend, the Seychellois heritage has given the creole community a special talent for making you feel right at home. Travelers from the most unlikely places are sure to catch a glimpse of their own heritage when exploring the creole culture of the tiny island paradise.

Nisi tala e uiga ia Seychelles

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E uiga i le tusitala

Linda Hohnholz, eTN faatonu

O Linda Hohnholz na tusia ma toe faʻaleleia tusitusiga talu mai le amataga o lona galue galue. Na ia faʻaaogaina lenei lagona loloto i nofoaga pei o Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University, le Hawaii Children's Discovery Center, ma ua taʻua nei TravelNewsGroup.