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WTM London Ticket Booking e tatala a'o Fa'aaliga Fa'aaliga Suiga Fa'afiafia

WTM, WTM London Ticket Reserves e tatala a'o fa'ailoa mai e Fa'aaliga Suiga Fa'afiafia, eTurboNews | eTN
ata fa'aaloaloga a WTM

Ticket booking is live for the global travel community secure entry to the 43rd edition of WTM (World Travel Market) London.

SME i Femalagaiga? Kiliki iinei!

WTM London is the world’s most influential travel & tourism event and will take place between Monday, November 6 – Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at Excel London.

Organizers are enabling visitors to book tickets well in advance of this year’s show and have announced several new and exciting changes showing that the global travel community has the Malosi e Suia malaga.

After in-depth customer research carried out late last year, WTM Lonetona has announced a host of developments to improve the attendee experience and ensure that every member of the travel community extracts as much value from the event as possible.

This year, WTM London will open its doors earlier than usual – ready to welcome visitors from 09:30 am providing an additional hour for visitors and exhibitors to have spontaneous meetings.

Visitors are invited to make use of the new, open-for-all Fale Faʻapipiʻi right in the centre of the show, and attendees can also look forward to an ‘everyone’s welcome’ Networking Party that will take place within ExCel London on its first day, Monday, November 6, from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. 

Developments include a new VIP badge to host senior industry leaders and a big-name, inspirational Fa'ai'uga Autu on Wednesday, November 8.

WTM Connect Me – the show’s meeting booking platform – will return in 2023 and is available for Buyers, VIPs, and Media. All attendees will also have access to the official WTM App, which returns this year with exciting new enhancements. 

WTM Polokalama Konafesi

le polokalama o le konafesi will cover 8 themes over 3 different stages throughout the 3-day event. The 8 konafesi autu o Fa'aauauina, Tekinolosi, Geo-Economics, Fa'amata'aga Maketi, Fa'atauga Fa'atau, Maketi, Eseese ma Fa'aofia (D&I) ma Aafiaga and aim to help the global travel community succeed and thrive by informing, entertaining, and influencing their business decisions.

I le tali atu i le faʻatuputeleina o le taua o tagata faʻatau i le vaega o femalagaaiga ma tagata tafafao maimoa, i le Aso Lulu, Novema 8, o le a valaʻaulia ai tagata e faia mea i se taumafataga o le aoauli ma nofoaga i le lalolagi atoa e lagolago ai le galulue faʻatasi ma fesoʻotaʻiga avanoa.

In other changes the Ministers’ Summit at World Travel Market in Association with UNWTO ma WTTC, where dignitaries from around the world gather to discuss and ratify key tourism agreements, will return for its 17th year, and will take place on Day One, Monday, November 6.

The November show is set to launch its first Diversity and Inclusion Summit on Tuesday, November 7, supporting WTM’s belief that the travel sector has the power to evoke positive change in the world. 

Tickets to the 3-day show will be free Seia Oketopa 31, after which there will be a charge of £45 per person. Organizers are encouraging early booking to ensure visitors take time to plan and maximise their visit.

Juliette Losardo, Exhibition Director, WTM London, fai mai:

"Sa matou galulue i tua atu o vaaiga e aumai nisi o atinaʻe fiafia i le World Travel Market i lenei tausaga."

“A’o tuputupu a’e ma suiga le vaega femalagaa’i ma turisi, e taua tele le suiga o le WTM e ta’ita’ia ma lagolagoina lea suiga; o se nofoaga mo musumusuga, mo le faia o fuafuaga ma le faʻaleleia o faʻafitauli, mo le faʻavasegaina o mafaufauga ma le faʻamalosia o filifili sapalai - o la tatou galuega le faʻamautinoaina o le vaega o femalagaaiga ua saunia mo le isi mataupu.

“Developments you’ll see at WTM this year are entirely reflective of what our attendees are asking for. We’re bolstering the ways you can maximise value from your visit, with more networking, better business opportunities, a refreshed education program and a host of new partnerships.

“We’re pleased to be opening ticket booking ahead of the summer and are committed to ensuring travel professionals have the best 3 days possible.”

Play your part at the world’s most influential travel and tourism event. 

Tagata asiasi World Travel Market 2023 | Your details (

Faasalalauga: World Travel Market 2023 | Your details (

Lalolagi Maketi Malaga (WTM) Portfolio comprises leading travel events, online portals and virtual platforms across 4 continents.

WTM Global Events

WTM Lonetona is the world’s most influential travel & tourism event for the global travel community. The show is the ultimate destination for those seeking a macro view of the travel industry and a deeper understanding of the forces shaping it. WTM London is where influential leaders gather to exchange ideas, drive innovation, and accelerate business outcomes.

So'o se fa'aaliga ola: Novema 6-8, 2023, i ExCel Lonetona

Maketi femalagaaʻi Arapi (ATM), now on its 30th year, is the leading, international travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. ATM 2022 attracted over 23,000 visitors and hosted over 30,000 participants including 1,500 exhibitors and attendees from 150 countries, across 10 halls at Dubai World Trade Centre. Arabian Travel Market is part of Arabian Travel Week. #ATMDubai

Next in-person event: May 6-9, 2024, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Vaiaso femalagaaʻi Arapi o se tausamiga o mea na tutupu i totonu ma faʻatasi ma Arabian Travel Market 2023. Tuuina atu se faʻafouina o le taulaiga mo le vaega o femalagaaiga ma tagata tafafao maimoa i Sasaʻe Tutotonu, e aofia ai ILTM Arabia, ARIVAL Dubai, Influencers 'mea tutupu ma faʻagaioiga, ITIC, GBTA Business Travel Forums, as faapea foi ma le ATM Travel Tech. O loʻo faʻaalia ai foʻi le ATM Buyer Forums, ATM Speed ​​​​Networking Events faʻapea foʻi ma le tele o faʻasalalauga a le atunuʻu.

WTM Latina Amerika takes place annually in the city of São Paulo and attracts around 20,000 tourism professionals during the 3-day event. The event offers qualified content together with networking and business opportunities. In this its ninth edition – there have been 8 face-to-face events along with a 100% virtual one, which was held in 2021 – WTM Latin America continued to focus on effective business generation and achieved the advance booking of 6,000 meetings that were held between buyers, travel agents and exhibitors in 2022.

Next event: April 2-4, 2024 – Expo Center Norte, SP, Brazil

WTM Aferika launched in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2022, WTM Africa facilitated more than 7,000 unique pre-scheduled appointments, an increase of more than 7% compared to 2019 and welcomed more than 6.000 visitors (unaudited), the same number as in 2019.

Next event: April 10-12, 2024 – Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town

E uiga ile ATW Connect:  Africa Travel Week’s digital arm, is a virtual hub packed to the seams with interesting content, industry news and insights, and the opportunity to hear from experts on a variety of topics in our new monthly webinar series. All with the aim to keep all of us in the travel and tourism industry connected. ATW Connect focuses on inbound and outbound markets for general leisure tourism, luxury travel, LGBTQ+ travel and the MICE/business travel sector as well as travel technology.

WTM Global Hub, o le WTM Portfolio fou i luga o le initaneti ua fausia e fa'afeso'ota'i ma lagolago ai tagata faigaluega fa'apolofesa femalagaa'i i le lalolagi atoa. O lo'o tu'uina atu e le 'oa'oa ta'iala ma le poto e fesoasoani ai i fa'aaliga, tagata fa'atau ma isi i pisinisi femalagaa'i e feagai ma lu'itau o le fa'ama'i o le coronavirus i le lalolagi. WTM Portfolio o lo'o fa'aoga i lana feso'ota'iga i le lalolagi atoa o tagata popoto e fatu ai mea mo le fa'alapotopotoga.

E uiga i le RX (Reed Exhibitions)

RX is in the business of building businesses for individuals, communities and organisations. We elevate the power of face-to-face events by combining data and digital products to help customers learn about markets, source products and complete transactions at over 400 events in 22 countries across 43 industry sectors. RX is passionate about making a positive impact on society and is fully committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all our people. RX is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

E uiga i le tusitala


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